I received a diagnosis of #Chronic Lyme Disease in late December of 2013. “Chronic” Lyme means that the #Lyme spirochetes (spiral-shaped bacteria) had a lot of time to travel to various parts of my body, causing persistent symptoms and lengthening the healing process.

You may have heard the horror stories of others with #Lyme Disease and their difficult journeys to find a diagnosis. I am one of those people with a horror story. I began my search in May of 2012, after some strange, mostly neurological symptoms began to manifest themselves in my otherwise healthy body. Details on my symptoms will come in future posts.

In 1998 my husband and I built a home in a heavily wooded suburban area with a large presence of white tail deer. These beautiful deer are herbivorous, which means they eat leaves, evergreens, and various garden flowers. And they are known to carry tiny ticks. Not being the outdoor type, I knew nothing about ticks and the infections they can cause if one is bitten. I was unaware that when I walked in the front or back yard of my home, I should have protected my body from the ticks. I have no recollection of receiving a tick bite, especially since I never had the typical tell-tale, #bulls-eye rash. Did you know that about 50% of people with Lyme disease don’t recall receiving a #tick bite? I am one of those, yet I still have the disease along with two co-infections.

My LLMD said that it was possible that I was bitten by a nymph (baby tick) which could explain why I don’t recall a bite. He also said that some doctors believe that mosquitoes and/or fleas can transfer Lyme disease to humans, but there’s plenty of controversy in the medical field about the latter.

In the beginning of my Lyme journey, I was in my mid 50’s and had a wonderful, optimistic outlook on life.  God had blessed us through the online business that my husband and I began in 1982. We had earned several trips and were enjoying the fruits of our labor. We were healthy and both of us worked out at the local fitness club an average of 3-5 times per week. And of course, we were faithfully taking plenty of vitamin supplements and drinking Aloe Vera Juice. We both were seldom sick. That’s why I was so discouraged when I began experiencing weird symptoms. I was also going through menopause, which caused me to question if it was the cause of my symptoms. However, the menopause did factor in. It seems that because of a hormonal imbalance at this time in my life, my immune system was compromised. But more on menopause and immunity later. For now, I need to end this post, but I hope you will return for additional posts to read more about my Lyme Journey. I’ll be filling you in on the weird symptoms, my protocol, some of the crazy diagnoses I received, and more.

Perhaps you or a loved one are questioning whether you have Lyme Disease or you just want some education about the disease. Hopefully, what I’ve shared and you’ll learn in future posts can help you become Lyme informed.

God Bless,


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